“Amends” reviews

  • Scream Magazine 6/6
    “The mood is simply unique!”
  • Heathen Harvest 5/5
    – “An extraordinarily beautiful, virtually flawless album of the sort that can only come from total unity and clarity of artistic vision”
  • The Metal Crypt 5/5
    – “Powerful, emotional, and atmospheric, I’m calling this the Doom album to beat for 2013”
  • Funeral Wedding 5/5
    – “An album that has all the requirements to be the best of the year”
  • The Grim Tower 10/10
    – “An overwhelming bipolarity of soundscapes that not only highlight the dreariest of death metal, but also the most beautiful elements of post or even shoegaze in some respects”
  • French Metal 19/20
    – “Certainly one of the best doom albums of the year”
  • Magic Fire Music 19/20
    – “A composer, musician and performer of the highest level”
  • Greek Rebels 9.5/10
    – “53 minutes of perfection!”
  • JorZine 9.3/10
    “Amends is blowing the ground of the doom metal scene with more inspiring music”
  • Infernal Masquerade 91/100
    – “Unleashing another masterpiece of extreme melancholic proportions”
  • Sputnik Music 4.5/5
    – “The Fall Of Every Season portray beauty with intensity in the best possible way”
  • Groundcast 4.5/5
    – “Masterpiece”
  • Metalglory 9/10
    – “Multi-instrumentalist Marius Strand made us wait long for another sign of life. However, the wait was definitely worth it”
  • Versus Magazine 9/10
    – “Majestic and intense”
  • Fobia Webzine 9/10
    – “Much more than ever expected”
  • Bleeding4Metal 9/10
    – “Now one of my favourites within the field of melancholic doom/death, and Amends is already a strong contender for a high ranking among the best albums of 2013”
  • 9/10
    – “Amends is deep. Amends is pure emotion”
  • Darkview 9/10
    – “Top class!”
  • Queens of Steel 9/10
    – “A good continuation of the debut work, but even more emotional, passionate and honest”
  • Ultima Music Blog 9/10
    – “This album speaks to me emotionally and dynamically, and I urge anybody to check it out at least once”
  • Zware Metalen 90/100
    – “Packed with atmospheric melodic pieces”
  • The Sludgelord N/A
    – “Music of this quality deserves to be widely heard. Creative music for creative people”
  • Metal Storm N/A
    – “From its very start it’s apparent that Marius has made the wait well worth it, the result being a beautifully crafted musical journey that has everything its predecessor did and more”
  • Imhotep 5/6
    – “It’s illuminating to hear a piece of music that has such a high quality at all levels”
  • Nordische Musik 5/6
    – “Tender (progressive) doom sounds”
  • Lords of Metal 88/100
    – “An amazing blend of heaviness and slumbering gloominess in every song”
  • FFM-Rock N/A
    – “Timeless good music at a high level!”
  • Tempelores Magazine N/A
    – “Already on the top of the list for the best doom cd of 2013, at least in my heart”
  • Mortem Zine 8.5/10
    – “Everything here is elegant, natural and complete”
  • Metal Factory 8.5/10
    – “A voluminous mix of melodic death and doom metal, spiced with a hefty pinch of progressive, which is surprising and therefore diverse and varied”
  • Rock Tribune 85/100
  • Angry Metal Guy 4/5
    – “The atmosphere, the instrument variation, and what’s more, the sheer beauty that this album serves in absolute torrents feels so rewarding and unique”
  • Devilution 4/5
    – “A beautiful and well composed experience”
  • N/A
    – “This is great art”
  • Paranoid Thoughts N/A
    – “Amends is a fantastic disc”
  • Rock Hard 8/10
    – “Four long musical gems and a warm short acoustic interlude for all dreamers and romantics among musical weeping willows”
  • 8/10
    – “Never predictable, always amazing. Material that goes beyond mundane classifications like death or doom”
  • Rock Hard Greece 8/10
    – “Highly recommended to fans of melodic doom/death and beyond”
  • Obliveon 8/10
    – “Melancholic dream journey”
  • Ave Noctum 8/10
    – “Long brooding songs which are able to transport your emotions to different places while you absorb their aural excellence”
  • Trashocore 8/10
    – “Its beauty comes from its simplicity, its fine melodies and the musicality of its multi-instrumentalist progenitor”
  • The Kvlt 8/10
    – “His debut album set the bar high for the future, and the second movement seems to be a natural continuation”
  • Nocturne Magazine 8/10
    – “A great musical adventure for those who don’t like restrictions”
  • Metal Sound 8/10
    – “Almost palpable emotion that is spewing from the speakers”
  • Demonic Nights 8/10
    – “A doom project of great potential”
  • 8/10
    – “Very harmonious and pleasant soul massage for cold days”
  • Legacy 12/15
    – Number 8 out of 57 releases in Legacy’s Soundcheck
  • In Your Eyes Zine 7.8/10
    – “Amends is a work of high quality”
  • 7.5/10
    – “In this time there is no shortage of doom-death metal albums, however, works so graceful and well executed are not encountered often”
  • Church of Deviance 7+/10
    – “Nice work”

“From Below” reviews

  • Legacy Magazine 15/15
    – “From Below is a genuinely grandiose album”
  • Metal Norge 10/10
    – “It’s almost like words can poison or destroy the perfect soundscape”
  • N/A
    – “A one-man studio project that sends chills down my spine”
  • EUTK 9.5/10
    – “An exceptional disk, a black jewel”
  • Magic Fire Music 19/20
    – “From Below is my bedside disc, and risks remaining so for a long time”
  • FireMetal 9.5/10
    – “A group with a lot of musical and interpretive talent”
  • Schwermetall 12/13
    – “Oppressing tristesse on the highest level”
  • The Metal Crypt 4.5/5
    – “Marius Strand proves himself a master of hollow, haunting melodies and crushing heaviness”
  • 9/10
    – “Very honest, sincere and atmospheric release that puts Norwegian doom in the spotlight”
  • Lords of Metal 90/100
    – “The caressing purification that eminent doom metal has to offer”
  • Antithetik 9/10
    – “An avalanche of shivers and of melancholy”
  • Pogoslam 9/10
    – “A personal, extremely rich universe in poignant melodies”
  • Global Domination 9/10
    – “Hauntingly beautiful. Beautifully haunting.”
  • N/A
    – “It’s indeed very good doom metal for relaxing or thoughtful moments”
  • 13/15
    – “Slow, deep, sad tone-art on a high level”
  • N/A
    – “If this is what comes out of him working solo we should look into putting him in solitary confinement”
  • 8.5/10
    – “Sorrow on very high level”
  • Zwaremetalen 85/100
    – “Pure, honest music”
  • Metal District 8.5/10
    – “Marius possesses talent and large potential. A debut that leaves a strong impression”
  • 5/6
    – “Will fit right into every living room where music is not just entertainment, but also a state of mind”
  • Eternal Terror 5/6
    – “Vulnerable and beautiful”
  • 5/6
    – “It’s heavy, great and exciting”
  • Terrorizer 8/10
    – “Alternating the bleak and the beautiful with poise, From Below is a promising debut”
  • Hard’N’Heavy 4/5
    – “Deep, contrasted and fascinating”
  • Inferno Magazine 4/5
  • Chronicles of Chaos 80/100
    – “A more than competent debut by an up-and-comer that all lovers of romance tinged death/doom should keep an eye on”
  • Metalrage 80/100
    – “A fine piece of art”
  • 8/10
    – “Excellent example of performance between doom metal and progressive tones”
  • Walls of Fire 4/5
    – “Good album, rounded of by an impressive booklet”
  • Friedhof Magazine 8/10
    – “Surpasses most of the doom/death-works of recent years”
  • 80/100
    – “Get it without thinking twice”
  • The Streets 8/10
    – “So phenomenal that a reviewer’s score is rather unimportant; this cd is highly recommended”
  • 4/5
    – “A good debut from an artist to look out for in the future”
  • Metal France 4/5
    – “From Below is an album of high quality”
  • Empire of Death 80/100
    – “Extremely interesting debut”
  • 8/10
    – “Dark and fascinating work”
  • 80/100
  • N/A
    – “One of the better doom disks of the last years”
  • Metallic-Zine N/A
    – “Convincing in nearly every respect”
  • 79/100
    – “A melodic and delightfully atmospheric doom-opus”
  • 78/100
    – “A disk to relish and to understand with the brain and heart, not just the ears”
  • The Metal Observer 7.5/10
    – “Every fan of Doom Metal should thoroughly enjoy this piece of doom and gloom”
  • Nocturnal Hall 7.5/10
    – “The Fall Of Every Season does almost everything correctly”
  • 74/100
    – “A sincere album, composed and played with passion by an artist with large capacity”
  • 7/10
    – “Pouring emotions into music, succeeding to create musical plots of intimicy and melancholy”
  • Evilized Webzine 70/100
    – “A stratified piece of work, giving very beautiful hearing-impressions”
  • Haternal 7/10
    – “Succeeds to put every element in its place”
  • 7/10
  • 7/10
    – “Already shows marks of good artistic maturity”
  • 7/10
    – “A professional disc, treated with passion, that will delight those who love dreaming and melodic doom”
  • N/A
    – “A varied and progressive piece of doom-work”
  • Metalspheres Fanzine N/A
    – “An organic and conclusive sounding first piece of work”
  • N/A
    – “Not even for a moment I thought to be bored by what I heard”
  • Hellride Music N/A
    – “Professional in every sense of the word”
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